Saturday, February 26, 2011


Some days, I get such a sick feeling. Everything about my life seems so empty, so meaningless. Each minutes hold something familiar, something I saw yesterday and the days before. Every second seems to drag on, my heart feels so lonely. I feel so bored with my life and everything in it.

And then other days, everything feels so great. The sky sings pretty songs of love and I can't stop smiling. Everything I encounter gives me that same feeling of the warm sun on your skin after you've been cold so many months.

The only difference between these days is a few hours of sleepless nights and how I wish my life could be. Pathetic, isn't it?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everything is changing now..
People are forgetting who they are, everyone wants to fit in and when they finally get the change to, they leave the people they care about for the people that don't care about them.

She says she's fine, but she's going insane.
She says she feels good, but she's in a lot of pain.
She says it's nothing, but it's really a lot.
She says she okay, but really.. She's not.
She says she doesn't care, but she's crying over what she says she doesn't care.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Everything Lovely

1. Sleeping in your own bed after you've been away

2. When you make someone else's day

3. Being sent mail

4. Listening to your favorite songs on repeat

5. People who just 'get' you

6. Finding thing you thought you had lost

7. Making it home just before it rains

8. When you arrive just as the train is pulling up

9. Waking up to text messages for friends

10. Being loved and having a lot of friends who like you.

Much love xx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I miss being free, bloggie :-/

Belakangan ini capek banget sumpah. Banyak banget tugas, belum bimbel, belum pendalaman materi. Omggg dulu setiap sabtu bisa jalan, skrg? Harus bimbel huhu. Kelas sembilan tuh emang begini ya.. baru tau capeknya kaya apa. Perasaan dulu pas kelas 6 mau UASBN engga gini-gini amat kok.. Duuuuh pusing :-/

Guru-guru ngerti kek kalo muridnya udah capek ngurusin materi UAN, tugas yg engga terlalu penting engga usah dikasih. Pelajaran sekarang itu kebanyakan materi tapi engga ada yang penting. Kenyataan kok.. 13 mata pelajaran setiap halaman bukunya 300-an halaman? To-long.

Reasons why I love u

1) You have the cutest, brightest smile. :D

2) You make me smile when I never even been on a conversation with you. :)

4) You're really cute. Super duper cute.

6) You make me think about you all the time. :-/

7) You're quite, calm, and totally cool.

8) You make me wanna hold and kiss you every time I meet youuuuu! :P

9) I can't stand it when I caught your eyes were looking at me :$

10) You're sweet and smart and good-looking and absolutely stunning.


KissHug, D! :P


I'm just tired. Tired of every dreams and expectation I had. I wish people had been honest with me. I wish they'd tell me to prepare myself for a life time of disappointment and heartbreak.

I wish they'd tell me that I'm never going out with my awkwardness, so I'd better get used to it.

I think movies should have disclaimers at the beginning; "These events will never occur in real life." If they did I wouldn't sitting inside watching a fucking movie.

I suppose we're all a bit lonely and broken. I suppose most of us just go trough life, waiting for things do get better. For some they do, for others they don't. I reckon it's up to us to make the best out of it. The question is, am I strong enough to try?